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When we go somewhere for the first time we always ask someone whose been, "where’s a good place to eat?"  In Vancouver, there are so many restaurants and unique foods to try, where do you begin to narrow down the options? For Vancouver, in particular, I would say pick any one of them. I can’t remember having a bad meal. But if you’re looking for a place to start, here are a few places and foods I would recommend.

Note: by no means is this a comprehensive guide to eating in Vancouver, BC. These places are simply places and foods I enjoyed.

Japadog. At first glance the Japanese hot dog or Japadog  appears to be a gimmick for tourists but it was actually created in Vancouver, by a Japanese couple looking to create something new yet tasty so they could carve their niche in this city where there is great and interesting food around every corner.

This cultural fusion street dog that may consist of a juicy hot dog, a little seaweed, teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, pickled ginger and other toppings is surprisingly delicious.

There is an eat in restaurant on Robson Street but I’ve always eaten at one of their food stands.


Downtown Vancouver is alive with food trucks during lunch hour. Pick one.  Any one.

Tacofino. In the Gastown neighborhood.  Tacofino is a contemporary Mexican restaurant serving a modern twist on Mexican food and serves a variety of cocktails and local beers.  It can get pretty crowded at night so I went for lunch (twice) where it was busy but not overwhelming.  I had the Crispy Chicken Taco and the Pork Al Pastor Taco (both pictured).

Also try the Diablo cookies with fudge chocolate with cayenne and ginger and served warm. They melt in your mouth before the spices tingle the tongue. Yummy.

Danbo Ramen. I love ramen. I repeat. I love ramen. I went for a late lunch on a weekday and there was a line outside (in the scorching August heat, I almost didn't wait). The wait for a table was about 10 min. but they give you a menu to look at while you wait which is good because you can customize your meal just the way you want by choosing how you want your noodles, broth and level of spiciness.

Since it was my first time here, I went with the standard option, and found the standard noodles to be thinner than other standard ramen noodles.

The service was fast and professional and I suggest having the gyoza’s with your ramen.

Black Rice Sushi. I went to Vancouver knowing I wanted to try the black rice sushi. I just needed to find it. At Black Rice Izakaya, I chose the elaborate Unagi roll with prawns, cucumber, rum and herbs, topped with black cod and set on fire. This roll was $18.50 which I thought was a bit pricey and the presentation a bit elaborate but it was fun. The decor and the rest of the menu is simple and traditional and absolutely worth it.


Nanaimo bar. A deliciously sweet Canadian desert named after Nanaimo, a city on Vancouver Island.  It has several layers. The bottom is a fudge graham crumble with coconut, the middle is custard and a top layer of fudge icing. I found this one at the Granville Island Market.


The Parlour. The menu has a wide range of dishes but I was feeling pizza that day and this place was recommended to me by housecleaning at my hotel. The Parlour is located in Yaletown, which reminds me of New York City’s Meatpacking District. The Decor is very urban. with pictures of Jack Nicholson, Biggie Smalls and model Cara Delevigne lining the brick walls.

I went on a week night and it was busy. The wait for my take out pizza was long but definitely worth it.


Gotham Steakhouse. Fine dining at its best. Gotham has an excellent selection of Canadian cuts of beef, succulent seafood, a large selection of wines and great service.  At this price point all of these things are to be expected and Gotham doesn’t disappoint.


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